How to Make a Girl Feel Special in Original Ways



Here are some things you may do to let the particular woman in your life know how much you value her. This list can be thought of as a sizable toolbox of inspiring and original suggestions that you can use on a regular basis to make her feel special.

They won’t just show your love for her, but they may also have an unexpected effect on your connection to the love of your life. You can strengthen the special connection between the two of you by expressing your affection consistently.

Make her feel attractive instead of merely telling her that she is gorgeous

Most of the time, it doesn’t matter what you say; it’s all about conveying the message in a distinctive (non-verbal) manner. The cruel truth is that everyone can tell your girlfriend how lovely she is. You can praise her all you want. In relationship, your first focus should be on how to make a girl feel special.

She’s probably already heard that comment a thousand times from relatives, friends, and ex-boyfriends. Consider this: Would it still feel special to hear it from your partner repeatedly if you had been receiving compliments on your good looks since you were a young child?

You can’t just tell her how lovely she is and make her feel special. Give it your all to MAKE her feel attractive rather than merely expressing the obvious. Allow her to truly believe that she is the most stunning woman you have ever seen in your life.

When she isn’t having a good time, especially, make her feel gorgeous by your behaviours. Let her know and feel how lovely she is under these circumstances, whether she is ill, recovering from a hangover, not wearing makeup, or simply exhausted. Not just what you say, but also how you approach her, speak to her, and touch her, matters.

Leave nice notes in random places

Even when you’re not there, leaving a letter for her to find is a wonderful way to express your love and make her feel special. All women enjoy getting surprises, so giving her a special message that she doesn’t expect will make her day.

Additionally, it’s a really simple method to express your love. The time it takes to write a heartfelt, unique note is only a few seconds. Put the note in her lunchbox, on her bicycle, car, shoes, or wherever else you like.

A few candles and prepare a meal for her

You don’t need to be an expert chef to astonish her with a home-cooked candlelight dinner. Find a wonderful recipe that can be cooked quickly, then turn down the lights. It’s not about preparing a time-consuming five-course meal. It’s all about catching her off guard with delectable meals and a romantic atmosphere.

Be truthful with her

Most guys mistakenly believe that being honest does not allow for making her feel special. After all, how can you be really honest with her while yet treating her like a priceless gift? These two seem to be at odds with one another. Contrary to popular assumption, being honest and being loving are not mutually exclusive.

You can only genuinely demonstrate how much you care for her by being completely honest with her. Being open and honest with her will demonstrate to her how highly you regard her. Additionally, women particularly value honesty because it is a rare attribute. However, being truthful with her need not result in you offending her. Pick your words carefully and respectfully. Honesty is about treating others with respect and decency, not by doing them harm.

Give her sincere and original praise

Usually, the heartfelt, unique praises are the ones that have the greatest impact. She might not feel all that unique if you compliment her beauty and how much you adore her eyes. Yes, it is pleasant to hear, but it also sounds quite generic. It’s likely that if she hears it frequently, she won’t even truly appreciate it. If you know about how to make a girl feel special it is appreciated thing in you.

Give her a unique and unusual complement when you do so. Tell her what you feel when you stare into her eyes rather of just stating that you like them. When you gaze into her dazzling eyes, time seems to stop, you forget everything around you, the sun begins to shine, and you completely lose yourself in the huge ocean of happiness that her eyes mimic.

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